Our strategy is the equip our sales and marketing team with the best hardware and software for accomplishing their objectives and provide them the ongoing training they need to get the most out of these systems. Our employees currently use the following programs:

  • EDI (Management Computer Systems)
  • IRI Symphony Supermarket Review
  • IRI Symphony Retailer Review
  • Nielsen Nitro Workstation
  • Go To Meeting
  • Virtual Network Connectivity (Remote Help Desk)
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Apollo/JDA
  • SellEthics Retail Solutions
  • SellEthics Sales Solutions (Quick Response Sales Tool)

SellEthics Retail Solutions is a proprietary program that provides our clients insight into real-time retail conditions. It also provides our retail associates (via their laptops or tablets) the tools they need to do a great job (i.e. display and new item images, planograms, etc.).

SellEthics Sales Solutions is a proprietary program that provides our Business Managers with instantaneous desk or laptop access to the most current syndicated data whether in their office or on a sales call.