Optimal Resources

  • Time is one of the most critical resources we can provide to our experienced sales team. We evaluate the time our managers have for each client by reducing the number of products each person is accountable for. More time translates directly to category expertise and allows us to be more proactive in looking for ways to boost your sales.
  • Training on the latest category management techniques and state-of-the-art technology gives our business managers an advantage over the competition by staying ahead of trends and elevates your product to its highest potential.

Specialized Services

  • Your strategic goals and plans become ours as we develop a deep understanding of where you want to go. We create customized and innovative approaches to achieve objectives specific to your product’s needs.

  • New item presentations, category reviews, promotional planning and post promotional analysis are just a few ways we work for you to set and exceed your goals.

Intentional Relationships

  • Our business managers are looked upon as category experts because they forge long-standing and trusting relationships with buyers, category managers, and their portfolios.

  • Likewise, our senior management works closely with the senior management of our customers throughout the southeast.

Territory Management

  • Retail District Managers audit their retail representatives to ensure the accuracy of the data collected.

  • Our number 1 focus is our clientele and the territories we are responsible for, and therefore we do not engage in surge projects or 3rd party work.

Exceptional Personnel

  • We’ve experienced success at retail because of our philosophy: “Hire the right people, hire enough of them, treat them right and give them the time they need to do a great job.”

  • Our Retail District Managers are held accountable for managing a reasonable amount of retail representatives and we make sure those representatives have proper time to learn new technology and are given training.

Retail Execution

SellEthics utilizes our in-house IT department’s proprietary retail and sales software on tablets to report current retail conditions on a regular basis. Our retail department is always in the field making sure our clients are well represented through two main components:

  • Set Teams – These personnel are required by our retailers and are based on our client's cost sales to those retailers. They do retailer category review sets and retailer directed projects.

  • Continuity Teams – Through the use of state-of-the-art proprietary technology, our retail reps key account call data that shows real time information that in turn, we collate and provide detailed and summarized reports. Our continuity teams also provide:

  • New item cut-ins
  • In store selling
  • Surveys
  • Product rotation
  • Void correction and out-of-stork reporting
  • IRC placement

    Real-time data

  • Nielsen Answers on Demand (AOD) syndicated data provides sales information on all reporting retailers in the country and all categories in stores.
  • In partnership with selected clients, SellEthics uses IRI Liquid Data to help with sales analysis of specific manufacturer's databases.
  • Demographic profiling provides insight to know who your target market is and how to better reach them.
  • We forge partnerships with Delhaize for vendor pulse data.
  • In-depth analysis and insights

      While having access to an abundance of data is important, we realize that interpreting that data is what lays the foundation for critical business decisions. We offer a variety of insights to assist you in making smart choices.

    • Category insights and customer activity
    • Business reviews and opportunity assessments
    • New item launch presentations
    • Post-promotional analysis
    • Proprietary custom syndicated reports
    • Space management
    • POG and mapping software
    • Share of shelf analysis
    • Assortment analysis
    • Plan-o-gram personnel headquartered within many of our retailers

    Innovative Co-Marketing Solutions

      Our team has the capabilities to create professional promotional materials to draw attention to your brand.

    • Direct mailers (traditional or digital)
    • Instant redeemable coupons
    • Flysheets
    • Digital and social media integration
    • Free standard inserts